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Beginner Gym Workouts #Abs #Booty #Legs

Hello guys soooo sorry for the late post!! literally my laptop broke down soo i had to fix it!, but Im back and I have for you guys a AT GYM BEGINNER WORKOUTS! Im so excited to finally post the beginner workout for all my beginner subscribers. All the workouts are simple and easy, and it was the routine i would do when i was a beginner. I start off by doing a little circuit of lunges, burpees , and core exercises. Next i do reverse lunge with weight on the side. I move to curtsi lunges, and then a dead lift with any kind of weight. After that I squat with the smith machine, and move on to a hamstring curl. lastly I do more lunges on a bench and more dumbbell dead lifts with squats, and finish off with a stability ball hamstring curl.

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