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Beginners Treadmill 20 Mins HIIT Workout

Please watch: “HIIT Metabolic Resistance Training | Full Body Workout | Tight and Tone Class 3 | BodyLabTV”


Be sure to adjust treadmill to whichever speed is comfortable for your fitness level.

In this workout I am at 3mph for active rest and 5 mph for my light intensity. Your light intensity and rest should be speeds you can maintain throughout the entire workout.

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Cooldown – https://youtu.be/YOs2C3bn1d4

3 Min ABS (C)- https://youtu.be/08zN0xrSjhU

5 Mins ABS (A) – https://youtu.be/SPxrO2mw3fQ

10 Mins ABS – https://youtu.be/Z11whtXMmFg

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