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Calisthenics Workout Routine – Beginner

This Routine is for beginners and will build endurance, strength and muscle! If you have questions just write a comment 🙂

2 Pull ups
4 Push ups

Set A x3
Max Pull ups
Max Dips
Max Chin ups
Max Push ups

Set A:
5 Pull ups – 10 Push ups
4 Pull ups – 8 Push ups
3 Pull ups – 6 Push ups
2 Pull ups – 4 Push ups
1 Pull ups – 2 Push ups
As little rest as possible!

If you cant do 5 Pull ups, dont worry.
Start Set A at your max.

You Pull up max is 3

Set A looks like this for you:
3 Pull ups – 6 Push ups
2 Pull ups – 4 Push ups
1 Pull ups – 2 Push ups

Do this Routine everyday until you feel really sore. Then rest for 2 days, and continue.

If your able to complete Set A completely without rest, you should move on to a more difficult Routine.

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